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Originally Posted by VagrantEsha View Post
... you're stuck in the mindset of 'just because something has always been this way, it must therefore continue to be this way, even if it isn't very efficient.' ...
You could also look at that as "the method we've been using for years works very well for me and the people I play with, so why should I spend time trying to adapt to a new system?"

I'm sure you're very proud of the idea you came up with, but expecting everyone to agree with you is unrealistic. Attacking anyone who expresses a different opinion, or comments that they don't think your idea would help them, is unnecessary, and will only lead to people ignoring your ideas in the future, for fear that you'll just snap at them if they offer anything but slavish praise.

Originally Posted by VagrantEsha View Post
I wouldn't be so critical of you, here, but I feel that you're using archaic and somewhat elitist thinking in order to belittle an idea that you haven't seen in practise...
It's hardly "elitist" to say that you don't want to mess with an established process that works well for you.

At my workplace, for example, we recently switched to a new inventory management system for keeping track of some 300,000+ items. The benefits of the new system over the old one are minimal at best, but the hassle of retraining everyone in a completely new process has been enormous and ongoing.

Maybe your system is, objectively, more efficient. I don't know. But I don't think it's very fair to call someone "archaic" and "elitist" because they just want to have fun playing a game the way they learned to play it, and not spend a lot of time learning a new process and trying to force everyone they play with to learn it too.

Also, the rogue from another server who gets dropped in your Dungeon Finder group doesn't care if you think using raid markers differently is more efficient. He just wants to finish the dungeon as quickly as possible, with as little thinking effort as possible, and get his reward.

Originally Posted by VagrantEsha View Post
I don't do raiding. It's too elitist and stuffy for me, ...
Dismissing everyone who participates in raid content as "elitist and stuffy" seems like the polar opposite of the open-mindedness you're claiming to advocate, don't you think?
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