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Originally Posted by Siannus View Post
Just courious, are you still playing or no? Ive noticed your layout hasnt been updated in quite sometime. And if you arent playing, why is your input important here? Dont mean to sound rude, but I think input from active people is more important than non-active players, especially ones that keep thier addons up-to-date!
o_o' Sorry? Do I need to be playing to be able to give someone feedback on a FEEDBACK topic? That doesn't make any sense at all, specially considering you have 3 posts and you wasted 1 of those 3 to say something like that, not adding at all nothing to the discussion. As far as I know the frames have the same functionality as they had last time I played the game. Regarding my addons, they have not been updated since I stopped playing actively 1 year ago, but now I'm playing again, anyway it doesn't make any difference. I am using the same version of my addons that WoWInterface has and everything works fine (at least for the classes I use) so I can't see the problem there. And even if they don't work there are several other addons and uniframes out there, that isn't a valid point to not allow me to give feedback to fellow addon developers.

And ontopic.. Zork, I only use whitelists for buffs and debuffs on Target Frame, Focus frame and ofc only for important buffs on Raid frames. On Player frame I don't filter any debuffs as you said, some are important, even if you can see them on the default interface aura buff and debuff positions.
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