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If you've told Minion not to auto-detect a game like WoW there is a bug where Minion won't load our AddOn database for that game.

There are three things you can do, choose what ever one feels the most comfortable for you.

1. Go to Minion settings (Cogs icon in the way upper right of the window). Scroll down to 'Detection' and press the button labeled 'Reset Game Detection'. Close Minion and open it back up. When you open it back up Minion will ask what games to Scan for, choose both WOW and ESO and you should be fine.


2. Open the minion.xml and change the following line...
<game-config game-id="WOW" scannable="false"/>
Change to...
<game-config game-id="WOW" scannable="true"/>
Restart Minion and you should now get data under 'Find More'.


3. Delete your minion.xml and restart Minion. When prompted for what games to detect make sure both WOW and ESO are selected.
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