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Question about Macro Logic/Order?

/cast [mod:shift,@arena1];[mod:ctrl,@arena2];[mod:alt,@arena3]Cyclone;[harm]Solar Wrath;Lifebloom
/cast [mod:ctrlshift,@focus]Cyclone

Hello all,
I've wondered about this for quite some time now... Can anybody tell me by looking at this macro, if there is anything wrong with it, or what would cause some parts of it to work, and other parts to not work / be ignored? I tried using the [mod:shift,@arena1] to cyclone an Arena1 target, but it wasn't working, while everything else in the macro does. Earlier I had the various [mod]'s in the macro in a different order and it was working, but I can't remember the order, or understand the logic behind it.

It seems to me that certain [mod:shift] or [mod:ctrl] or [mod:alt] or [mod:ctrlshift] etc. etc. needs to go in a certain order in the macro. For example, like if a [mod:alt] is in the macro before a [mod:shift] then the [mod:shift] gets ignored? (This example may not be 100% accurate, but I've experienced something exactly like this before). Before I've had to experiment with which [mod] goes first until eventually it worked.

Is there some sort of logic these macros use, where certain things MUST go in a certain order? I had to put the [mod:ctrlshift, @focus] part of my macro at the end on its own new line, separate from the first part, otherwise the macro would ignore the @focus portion of it.

Sorry it's a bit verbose, and hopefully what I said made sense... But any help or enlightenment would be EXTREMELY appreciated, so that I can know once and for all the method behind the madness of WoW's Macro Logic... Thank you in advance!
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