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Because, I don't like having to scroll through my keys, even though I don't click them all, I still like to see ALL my keys. Which is why I, when I did play WoW a few months back I had my UI like this(This is of me by the way, my own screen, I was showing ALL of my addons at once to my friend, lol you can see the FPS drop, good thing I've upgraded (: )

Does this mod have an option to add more bars, ect? I just love being able to see ALL my keys, no matter how small they are or such.

Also, on an unrelated note, it's either a problem with sexy map, or this addon, I can't see any of my addon icons around the map. On sexy map, I put all addon icons on "show always" Still no luck. Also, a way to move the tooltip? Gets in the way when I pick up a quest or ect...

Thanks, will wait for a reply, and will look into "nui mover"

EDIT: Nui mover helped tooltips, thanks!

Oh, and I see now... There are more action bars, I just was never able to see them, my apologies.

Another edit: How would I load a profile that I have on another character, and or make a profile default?
Also, is there anyway to remove blizzard art with this addon? I have to use bartender each time to remove the crappy thing at the bottom.

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