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that's because 5.054 did not have node glow, I had disabled it way back in the 5.04 series because of the missing icons, and because I was tired of people asking how to stop the flickering.

Flickering has always been there if node glow was on for as long as i've used carbonite and I have yet to find a way to stop it.

The way node glow works, every icon on your minimap comes from a single file with each graphic at specific locations like a bingo card, to do the glow effect carbonite was switching between 2 files constantly, one with the node darker, one with it brighter.

Somewhere in the 4.0 cata days (or earlier, I don't remember when) blizzard started clearing the minimap if you switched files without being asked to, and that's what is causing the flicker.. because for a split second the map has nothing on it as it loads the other graphic file.