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uninstall issues

I downloaded and tested out nUI today (using Curse) and after playing w/ it for a few hours I decided it wasn't for me. Once I removed the Addon I have 3 problems, 2 of which I can't fix and would like some help if possible.

1. Key chain button is missing from the UI. This is happening on all of my characters (I only used the Addon w/ one of my characters). I have the WOW client installed on another machine which I didn't even have the nUI Add on installed on and the key button is still missing from the out-of-the-box interface. So this issue appears to have been uploaded to my account on the servers (like your button config is) . I can get around this by mapping my key chain to a hot key but I'd like but button back.

2. Above the default XP progress bar there is now a green reputation button which I can't find any doc on how to remove. This issue is only happening on my toon that I used nUI with. This issue is occuring on both the machine that I installed nUI on and the one I didn't so it looks like it is associated w/ my account but just this toon. I don't have this issue at all with my other toons.

3. FIXED. The third issue was the issue with the chat windows but I found the fix for it on your FAQ....thanks.

For #1 and #2...is there a way I can reset my button config w/ Blizzard? I've tried deleting the WTF, Cache, and Interface directories but that didn't help.