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The default Blizzard frames are not configurable enough for many people. The minimum size is way too big, you can't configure specific buffs or debuffs you want to see, and all buffs and debuffs are shown as tiny icons that are hard to see. If they work for you, that's great, but they don't work for everyone.

That said, for some general advice from someone whose main was a resto shaman for about 5 years (enhancement for the last few months):

1. Filter out anything and everything that doesn't directly affect your gameplay choices. The only things my healing raid frames show are missing health, incoming heals, Earth Shield cast by anyone, Riptide cast by me only, a single generic indication for any/all significant HoTs, aggro, dispellable debuffs, and a very small number of individual boss debuffs. That's it. Having information on your screen that doesn't directly affect you just makes it harder to notice the information that does affect you. If it's just "neat to know about", get rid of it.

2. Disable Recount or whatever other combat meter addon you use. Healing meters are worthless, and paying attention to them will make you a worse healer, not a better one. If you are keeping people alive, managing your mana, dispelling debuffs, keeping buff totems down, and not standing in fire out of fire, you are a good healer. The actual amount of healing you're doing is not important as long as nobody is dying.

3. Learn to heal proactively, rather than reactively. If people are dying because you're not casting heals until your raid frames show them at 20% health, the problem is in your playstyle, not your raid frames. If someone gets aggro, start casting a heal on them. If someone gets the boss's DoT, start casting a heal on them. If you're healing the tank, start casting a heal even if he hasn't taken any damage yet, because he's going to get hit.

4. Try other raid frame addons. Healbot is not the only thing out there. I've used Grid for almost 5 years now, and have never had it "lag" or delay updating anyone's health bar; when its original author quit WoW, I took over as the addon's maintainer. If Grid doesn't do it for you, there are numerous other addons out there. VuhDo, PerfectRaid, PitBull4, Shadowed Unit Frames, and many others are either dedicated raid frame addons, or general unit frame addons that can do raid frames.

4b. Most addons don't include built-in click-casting. If you like click-casting, get Clique and get used to using it. It works for all addons, not just one, and even works with the default Blizzard unit frames.
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