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help me make an Ouf layout for arenas plssss xD

Hi umm i've been on this site for a while and i had to make an account to try to find some help with this.

ever since i found Ouf i've wanted to use it, the cpu usage is great and they are just good clean frames that work smoothly and wouldn't hurt my fps.

since shadowed stopped updating Suf and proditor isn't updating the aura tracker addon.

I was wondering if anyone could help me (nemises of demonsoul) in making an Ouf layout for arenas, i haven't seen one single Ouf layout that looks functional / good for arenas or pvp they are mostly for pve / raids, i'm in the # 1 2v2 and 3v3 teams on my server and i'd like to make a UI for arenas with Ouf for when i release a warcraftmovies video but i can't code.... i've been using addons forever and i have a couple of detailed requests (i know mostly what Ouf can and can't do i just can't code so i wn't ask stupid requests i want it to be as simple as possible for arenas) but i think if i find someone who's good with coding for Ouf i could make some of the best unit frames for arenas ever!!!! ... i just need a kind soul's help well anyway if you have the free time or w/e to possibly help me i'd appreciate if you posted something and we could maybe talk on skype or something.

all help is much appreciated i don't really have anything to offer so if you think you could help me or would like a good pvp'rs thoughts on what a good pvp ui's need i'd love to chat sometime tyvm for reading this long rediculous post sorry if i bothered anyone xD
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