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Heyas, since this might be the place.. and might not.. I have a question

Im basically looking to get an addon picked up by *someone* for MoP.. this addon has worked for almost 2 years without updates.. and hopefully only needs a small update..

If I could be directed to where best to ask this, that would be appreciated...

I did post in the addon comments (the author hasnt been there for ages)...
Im not sure how to do tickets for the addon.. but I assume it would only go to said MIA author

A copy paste of forum posts I made on curse/mmochamp:

An addon similar to, or addon author to update http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/shotwatch (aka Watcher)

This addon is very similar to coolline, sexycooldown, fortexorcist --- with a big exception.
- When skills come off CD/debuffs fade, the pictures of said skills do not disappear, and are stacked in a priority system YOU set up.

This addon works in live atm (there is an issue with a display text, which can be disabled)
It does not work in MoP beta

if anyone has any ideas on how to GET this updated, that would be appreciated as well.. but I don't do programming/lua .. its beyond me Lol.

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