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Im sorry - the ace 3 site has always been a bit confusing to me. Should I be downloading the most recent revision from that right hand column?

"Start by getting the alpha of Ace3 with some MoP Beta fixes.

Replace the relevant libraries in Watcher\Libs subfolder.
Try running it again."

With regards to replacing the libraries -- Will those be in the ace folder/addon I download, and I simply replace what I can from there?

(libs in the watcher addon folder -- if this is useful info ? not sure.
aceaddon 3.0
aceconfig 3.0
aceconsole 3.0
acedb 3.0
aceevent 3.0
aceGUI 3.0
Acelocale 3.0
Acetimer 3.0
Callbackhandler 1.0
libsharedmedia 3.0

edit: Just thought Id throw this out there -- : http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/shotwatch/tickets/
Open tickets from 2010.. No one is looking at this addon.

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