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Over on the MMO champ forums - someone had me do.. almost the same thing as you just recomended:

Can't figure out how to configure it to see if it's actually working or not, but replacing
self.health = UnitHealth("target")/UnitHealthMax("target")
at line 552 in core.lua with
	if UnitHealth("target") ~= 0 then
			self.health = UnitHealth("target")/UnitHealthMax("target")
			else self.health = 0
makes it stop throwing errors.
I did NOT re-replace the ace3 libs.. simply kept the same folder that I updated with yesterday.. and it does appear to be working.

edit: - I just noticed on a re:read here... you were saying to use R46 of shotwatch instead of the version Im using -- r46 has issues/conflicts on live.. the .. author? posted that up there a long time ago, and I got spammed with errors, forcing me to use a previous version... I haven't seen an update to it yet... Let me know if I should follow up on this for mop, or if its ok to continue to use the version I have with the above code update (which is working on beta atm)

There is an old display glitch (been in there for a year on live), that may or may not still be there.. but I can simply disable the numerical display and use it without that.

On that note.. I think -- Thank you (and him) for the help.. I assume that.. unless they put in more code changes, this should work on MOP live?

And of course.. lastly.. if you know of anyone who actually wants to pick up this addon and maintain.. or at least actually push this as an update on curse.. please point them at it!

((I will keep this forum open on my browser for a bit longer just in case more is needed or you have any questions for me))

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