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Cache suggestions


Example of my code:

local Immerseus_LFR = {
	[1] = 104922; -- Hood of swirling senses

Immerseus = {
	 [1] = {unpack(Immerseus_LFR)};

Siege_Of_Orgrimmar = {
	[1] = {name = "Immerseus", unpack(Immerseus)};
When I click show items, it will go through the list and spawn the item name etc, but when the item isn't cached it won't show up. Currently I don't have a good way that refreshes/grabs all the items it's going to show.
Any suggestions/tips on how to solve this?
I can't have the addon caching every table when you login because it will be too many tables & data in the end (I assume), so a better way would be:
When you click the "raid". Cache the items -> show items.
Have a "Grab Items" button that you click when you want to use the addon maybe(?)

Have used this for single items earlier but not quite sure how to tweak it for the best solution. I might find a good solution once I know the best way to deal with cache in this situation.
Not that experienced with LUA.
local wait = {}
local cache_writer = CreateFrame('Frame')
cache_writer:SetScript('OnEvent', function(self, event, ...)
    if event == 'GET_ITEM_INFO_RECEIVED' then
        -- the info is now downloaded and cached
        local itemID = ...
		local name = GetItemInfo(itemID) 
        if wait[itemID] then
			-- do something when ID is recieved
            wait[itemID] = nil
Function to show items:
 function CreateItemList(Instance, Difficulty, newFrame)

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