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Almost done with my UI... I keep having problems but manage to fix them one by one. I'd like to know the answers for these questions though:

1- Can I use KGPanels to completely hide another Unit frame (Pitbull) depending on enemy and player specialization? The idea here is to make different textures for mana and power bar. I can make it show 2 different textures for mana and power bar but when it's a spec with both of them (Ele shaman for example) it shows both of them at the same time and I don't want that. Oh and, pure mana based specs also show the bars twice.

2- I'm trying to make the unit frame show 2 different textures for enemy faction players, depending on their faction. Let's say I have texture H and B, made for the Horde and the Alliance, respectively. I'm on my Alliance character and I'm targeting a Horde player, I want it to show texture H and vice versa for my Horde character. I've tried many scripts regarding this issue but they don't work.

3- Can I use it (or any other addon) to anchor 2 separate frames from different addons so when one of them is moved the other one also follows? This one isn't that important but it helps.

Many thanks in advance.

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