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Ok, had a bit more time this afternoon, and was less sleepy. =P

I did all those things suggested, and nothing worked. So, what I did was delete my account folder and logged back in, Nui only with all default settings. To my surprise, it was centered nicely.

I then used /nui movers and started to quickly move everything back to my preferred locations. Tried a pet battle again, and it was back off to the right. With the pet battle still up, I started to move everything to the left side of the screen. What I found, is the bottom pet battle bar is actually anchored to the top of my pet action bar.

As you can see in my screen shot, that is why the bottom bar is directly centered above the pet bar.

So, I guess my next question would be.. Is there a way to detach it from the top of the pet action bar? As, I really like my pet action bar there.

Also, a side question. With my last UI, my page 1 keybindings shared with the battle pet bar buttons. So, I could use 1,2,3,4,5 etc. I noticed with Nui, they are completely unbound and I have to mouse click them in order to use them. Is there a way to make something like this work with Nui? Keybind the pet battle buttons basically, or get them to share with page 1 sorta like the Ulduar/EoE vehicles were doing?

And, I thank you all for your quick response's and help on the matter. Very much appreciated.