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Originally Posted by Dolby View Post
Thats a good idea! If you guys have suggestions on ways to detect versions and if they are newer or older please post them. It's much appreciated.

Digital_Utopia, thank you. I like your idea and I think it would be pretty simple to implement into Minion.
Not a problem at all - it's a fun puzzle

The most significant issue that I can see, is if Minion attempts to compare the Author provided version information, to the version of the .toc, and they differ. If that's how it's currently working - it might help if you run a script on the available downloads, to get the actual .toc version(s), and store those with the individual download entries in the appropriate table. That way you can get a much more accurate comparison, instead of what might be apples to oranges.

Some other odds and ends.

  1. Login text boxes should listen for enter/return - to avoid having to manually click the "Login" button.
  2. Scan drive window should contain a "select/deselect all" button/checkbox. Having to deselect each box can get a bit tedious if you have multiple partitions.
  3. The Detecting Game Installs process should supply a window, to allow the user to choose which installs they want to add, before adding it to "My Games"
  4. The My games panel, should allow multiple selections
  5. Since the "Detect games" prompt is displayed upon first run, that option should provide a redundant "add game" option in the same window, as an all inclusive convenience feature.

  1. Multiple text rendering issues - Most noticeable on mousing-over the Search field, and the top edge of the build version text becomes transparent when/after the window is moved around.
  2. Incomplete visual feedback on all UI elements, as they're all missing "mouse-down" states.
  3. Scrolling is very...jarring with the mouse wheel. Seems like it's designed to go from one entry to the next, instead of a smooth flow.
  4. Some degree of visual feedback is needed for both Scrolling, and sorting. Minion attempts to silently handle all operations, even when the process isn't instant. This leads to choppy(er) scrolling, and sort buttons that don't seem to be doing anything until it does. Clicking a different sort arrow while it's still working on the previous one, will cause craziness to happen.
  5. The big red square, with the white number - next to the options button, should have a tooltip; because I'm not even sure what it means. It's one higher than the one that appears next to the game; but it's the one by the game that's showing how many updates there are.
  6. Due to the height of each row, the byline should be moved underneath the Addon name. Doing this will allow for greater flexibility with resizing the window smaller.

That being said, and graphical glitches aside, it's a very sharp looking app, and although I got it to hang briefly a couple of times - it's very stable. Considering it is beta, and features/improvements will be forthcoming, the only real fault I can see, is a clumsy, cheapish feeling UI.
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