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I personally use the full version of Carbonite. Good news to those who did not want to pay for it...I guess the developers/authors are going to keep up working on it, and release it for free to keep within Blizz's new rules.

The reasons I use Carbonite over QuestHelper:

- Carbonite has replaced a lot more addons that I used to use that just QuestHelper. It has a warehouse feature that saves inventory, bank, and mail information for all of you toon that can be accessed while logged into any of your characters on either faction (replaced Altaholic). It has flight timers (replaced flight timers from QH). It replaced my map addon(s), since it has a zoomable, dragable map (Replaced various map addons I used to switch between (either a combo of Mapster and Yatlas, or Cartographer3)). It has a built in quest log and quest tracker improvements, including a completed-quests log, and feature that moves the quest rewards to the top of the details pane for quick access with no scrolling (Replaced QuestGuru).

- My personal preference on the way tracked quests show on the world map. They display the areas where quest objectives can be found at all times (if the option to hide them are not turned on) instead of having to hover over an icon to show the areas.

- Includes Battleground maps and easy to view on map info for battlegrounds that (IMO) is second to none.

- I was having crashing problems that occurred pretty regularly with QuestHelper. I was reluctant to believe it was an addon, but after reading a few posts on various forums, others thought that QH was the culprit too. Since un-installing QH, I've had a lot less crashing (almost none). Possible coincidence, but after using Carbonite, I like it on the whole better anyway.

In the end Carbonite is a lot more than just a questing addon. It's a whole mess of features I think the default UI should have anyway in one easy download.
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