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Originally Posted by jimyafai View Post
Right click om map and select mini map, make sure that the checkbox is checked for full size. that worked for me.
I shall try that when I log in again! Thank you!

Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
The green map is unfortunately something that was known, but I don't have a mine level 3 on any of my characters yet to really look into what is causing it to happen.
Once you collect a certain amount of ore it gives you an achievement and unlocks the lvl 3 blueprints

Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
My guess is it's trying to draw it like a microdungeon and they've moved the path for it so the current microdungeon code is not picking it up.
Basically with a lvl 1 you have one path open, with a lvl 2 another mine shaft opens up, and with a lvl 3 the final mine shaft opens.