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Originally Posted by Chmee View Post
Carbonite's Warehouse and Altoholic do pretty much the same thing. Altoholic is prettier.

I don't know what Rythal plans, I was just curious if there's anything significant in Warehouse that isn't in Altoholic. That might convince me to switch. Or if there isn't, it might convince Rythal to drop the Warehouse and let people go to Altoholic (or some other addon). Or not. Either way is fine with me.
Hi, Chmee.

I think Catitude's reply echoes several of the points I made earlier. Catitude is probably totally bald by now using Altoholic. (grin)

Catitude wrote:
I noticed the lack of Cross Realm Char info in the Warehouse several days ago when I disabled Altoholic in an effort to not go bald (tearing hair out sessions) with needing Cross Realm info on Multiple accounts as quickly as possible (Altoholic took several hours to update Account Sharing info) since I do weekend Auctions on both factions of 2 servers & daily Auctions on 2 other servers.

Carbonite's Warehouse provided instant information.

Carbonite's Warehouse is simple, easy to use (though not as pretty), & has been a great resource for ppl who: don't want to switch realms at that moment; do a lot of crafting, gathering & Auctions; & are not addonaholics

Personally, I don't care about 'pretty'; I would like to see the original functionality back, and possibly even enhanced a little. The current Carbonite Warehouse still retains the same bug that the original one had. For example, while viewing the list of Trade Goods and selecting one of them, the mouse cursor would jump to some other location and scroll the list away from the item clicked, which results in forcing users to scroll again to find the same item they clicked on. That's just one minor point, although it has always been an unnecessary irritation.

I had been attempting to have all of my Bank & AH toons on a separate Account which has created it's own set of irritations lol & I'm still looking for a solution to suit my needs.

A NOTE TO Catitude --- Creating an additional account? Oh, no! And, when you say "I'm still looking for a solution to suit my needs", I think having Carbonite's Warehouse working again (and, possibly improved upon) would be the best solution for your issues and for the rest of us, as well. To me, there's much more to World of Warcraft than repeated killing. Reference to "craft" in World of Warcraft.