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Originally Posted by NiQil View Post
The first is Mapster. Still appears to work, but I fear will get broken soon. Has not been updated since May, despite many user requests.
Why do you fear that? Not every mod needs weekly updates. The developer is active. The development site for Mapster is here. As with many (many) mods from many devs, they don't necessarily go adding tons of features that are unneeded. Or put out updates just for the heck of it.

Mapster is the least system-burdensome map addon out there with all its features. One update to it that you can easily make yourself is to install the latest LibBabble-Zone-3.0 library that Mapster uses. Download & unzip. After doing that, you will unlikely encounter any errors or problems with the mod currently.

If there are WoW 4.3 changes that "break" it (other than the above library that will be updated if there are any location updates), the author I'm sure will update the mod. Never a good use of time trying to get adjusted to new mods ahead of a patch date in which those new mods may break and not get updated. If Mapster totally breaks in 4.3 and the author doesn't update, look for alternatives then.

Originally Posted by NiQil View Post
The second is XanDurability. Gives a small % display of your durability. This one is the one, imo, that is most likely to survive 4.3, but since its not being maintained, I need to find a replacement.
My favorite in active development in terms of least system resources used & the presentation of its data: Broker_DurabilityInfo.
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