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Originally Posted by spiel2001 View Post
But, then, maybe that's what they want and they just failed to word it as such. Given that I continue to make it freely available, offer several ways to get it for free and yet am still getting stepped on, apparently that's the case.
As I said, communicating never was mankind's strong points. :-)


Not to sure, but in the end, if blizz decides to black list an addon, do you think you got the means to take them on? How does the EULA play out in that case.

Also, blizzard has to protect it's customers, they also handle "support" for addons, even if it's just saying, delete all addons. Yea, sorry you paid 20 bucks for it but you need to disable it. Some people might be ok with that and take action against the author, but many would lash out at blizzard and keep their CS busy.

Forgot what the real intention was, think protecting their player base , but not sure how they worded it. Or they see it from profiting from their trademark, and that's a big nono. If a simple addon can profit from the WoW trademark, without fees being paid to blizzard, how are they going to stop other's abusing their TM?

/edit yea, think its about protecting their trademark so only they can charge/provit from it and not have trouble defending it in court.
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