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As I said in my original email to you when you made the first announcement, I'm in full support of you & your crusade against the Troll-Legions everywhere.

I can say in all honesty that your work on nUI over the years has truly ruined me for ANY OTHER user interface addon available past, present or future - I cannot remember when I started using the addon, I cannot remember how I was able to play without it, and I even had to stop playing the game at times when nUI wasn't playing nice with the latest expansion's codes. Your work, combined with a couple other ease-of-use addons, keep me playing. Being legally blind, your efforts in creating a UI addon that condenses the necessary elements of the UI into a centralized locale and streamlined them into an elegant display makes playing the game so much easier.

To that end: I am going to say that, in the event that Blizzard actually distributes game code that blocks the use of nUI and any other mods you have out there, I am going to be discontinuing my support for Blizzard and fully embracing the other MMORPGs on the market. Why give my business to a company that is willing to ruin the reputation of one of their best addon-contributors, someone who they, in the past, PRAISED and ADMIRED because of his contributions?

I may be in a minority on this matter, but I've been in a minority since birth so I don't care how those with different viewpoints are going to react to this. I am firm in my beliefs and will absolutely quit WoW if I am not able to use one of the most crucial addons I have ever come across.
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