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WOW Scott, this BS is still raging on huh.
Well, frankly, its your code, you don't have to put up with **** from others for it, and franklyIm inclined to tell anyone with an attitude about you not giving stuff away for free THEN getting bitched at for it that I have a brick wall outside you can address any and all complaints to. They can't be bothered to be mature adults about somehting they are not paying for, f***em as far as im concerned. I did email you a little while back as well regarding all of this nonsense. To me this sounds like a job I used to have in school.... I bounced some, and when people got out of hand, let them know they were out of line and to calm down, if they got more angry/rowdy, then I put a hand on their shoulder and escort them to the door. No bar needs the money that bad. In the same way, you do not need to put up with this type of immature BS from people, plain and simple.
You did what was within your rights, and if people hadn't picked the fight then pushed your hand the way they did, we wouldn't be having this discussion. I currently work in customer service, and the first thing I tell all new trainees is this, sometimes you need to let someone speak their mind, BUT, you are NOT a punching bag, you are here to help, you are not hear to be **** on and insulted by people, and certainly not to be cursed at and threatened by those that come form the shallow end of the gene pool.

Take care Scott, know that there are STILL ADULTS who use your software and appreciate what you have done.
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