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I will add back the option to create theme from the menu in the version 10.0.5

To create manually a theme :
Open the Explorer
  • Select your disk RDXDiskUser
  • Create a folder (the name of your theme)
  • In this folder create a object desktop call "autodesk"
  • Reload your UI

Your theme will be available in the menu.

What is Autodesk ?
In the past, every time that you install a new version of a theme, the desktop was resetted to default config. So people have to rebuild their desktop (select which Windows to open on the UI, move Windows, dock Windows etc ...).

Now desktop are copied from the theme "autodesk" into the disk system (RDXDiskSystem/desktops), RDX will only look into this folder and build the menu.

If you want to reset the desktop :
Open the Explorer
  • Select the disk RDXDiskSystem
  • Go into the folder desktops
  • Select your desktop, should be in the form "diskname_foldername_default"
  • Delete it
  • Reload your UI

RDX will copy the file from the theme.

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