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Originally Posted by Eungavi View Post
1. Poison Bomb A (pbA) and Poison Bomb B (pbB)

Let's say pbA did spawn and already did some damage ticks. But, what if pbB newly spawns and does its first tick damage on the same time as pbA's next tick?

I know the chance is SUPER low, but theoretically it is possible, isn't it?
It is possible, but if you have 2 ticks of damage on the same target at the same time you know it's coming from two different pools.
Originally Posted by Eungavi View Post
2. Poison Bomb A (pbA) + Enemy A (eA) and Enemy B (eB)

There's only one poison bomb, pbA, spawned underneath eA which already did couple of damage ticks, then eB suddenly jumps onto pbA. If poison bomb ticks same for both creature no matter whether they jumped on late or not, that should be fine. However, what if that single poison bomb ticks differently for each creatures?
From the logs, the damage hits all targets affected by the pool at the same time, but if you're specifically tracking the unit that the spell was cast on then it won't matter (Envenom's target). The only thing I'd worry about is if the pool can potentially be cast, but not hit its initial target, like if Envenom kills its target and then spawns a pool at its location (if that's even possible).

I didn't notice overlapping casts of Poison Bomb in the couple of logs I looked at, so I'm not sure how common this is, or how important it is to track separate instances of it for whatever it is that you're creating.

Originally Posted by Eungavi View Post
According to the log, poison bombs are mostly spawned within 0.6 second after Rupture or Envenom, but there is still a case where it's spawned only 0.062 second after Rupture OR where the current poison bomb's next tick is still done within 0.6 second after Rupture or Envenom.
It looked like the log I linked was showing Rupture ticks but not the initial cast of it, so a different cast may have spawned the pool. You can see the casts here, I'm not sure if there's a way to merge this with the other list (which is only showing damage).

Alright, I think this graph should show both the casts and the damage events in the same list.

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