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Thank you for the comments. I will eventually make the jump to lighter add-ons.

As for the positioning I just put things down there because too me I classify all that information as semi important. More directly important things like threat for tanks is closer to the character as well as on the nameplates. For healers the raid frames are much closer to the center but don't cover the character and provide all need to know information.

I will admit for dps I'm still working on things, in my test build which will become the next build I move target debuffs above the target unit frame significantly. The name plates also show personal debuffs. I want to find a good rune/combo point addon that I could use towards the center of the screen (taking suggestions.)

Also one reason for lots of space around my character aside from better visibility is my play style. I use a very powerful tool for all roles called power auras. A lot of my need to know info for rotations and ability procs comes to me via power auras (as well as added signaling for fight mechanics i.e. "gtfo of the raid now!" ****). This may be uncomfortable at first for some players that aren't used to it but I assure you mastering power auras can increase almost every aspect of your game play, which is why I include it in hopes that every player, especially entry-level players, that use this package start with this advantage.
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