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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
in the current alpha release people are testing notes are already account wide, so every character shares them.

It is also a seperate file, Carbonite.Notes.lua in your saved variables so it is easy to backup.

However I wouldn't jump on the alpha just for it, because while right now you can import notes to it, soon it's going the called carbonite2 instead of carbonite and I have no plans (at least for now, we'll see ><) of maintaining a carbonite section of carbonite2 just for backwards compatability (ie access to NxData in carbonite.lua saved variables)
Thank you!!!

Just so I can be clear on what you said...

After Carbonite2 becomes finalized and released, are you saying that none of the Notes we've created can be inserted (somehow) into the new, released version? Do we have to start over again?

Sorry, but if I ask now, I and others may not have to ask again after the release.