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Originally Posted by Designadrug View Post
I've been looking through the Carbonite tree and I can't find any files concerning stored notes that I can identify as plaintext. There is a clearly labelled CandyBuckets.lua file which I thought was the sample file but the data inside is anything but plaintext - sure it may be ascii but it is not presented in a human readable form.

Sorry about another dumb question but can someone direct me to where in the Carbonite tree the plaintext notes database files are?
To see a few examples of plugins you can make using the new notes system, take a look at my addon list..


Nx.Notes:AddonNote("Isle of Thunder - Rares","Al'tabim the All-Seeing",2,928,44.8,29.4)

means (" note title"," tooltip", icon, zone(found in zones.lua), x co-ord, y co-ord)

Edit, The stored notes you are looking for is in the saved variables folder..
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