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Originally Posted by Lombra View Post
Well f in this case is a variable ...
Yes that's what I thought, but there was no definition of f.

Originally Posted by Lombra View Post
... and no offence, but are you sure you should be trying to fix this considering you have to ask that? :P
I'm debugging my own private addon with very simple code, just keybindings and some Hide() and SetPoint(), that stopped working with legion. That's why I was fiddling with more complicated stuff which shouldn't even be necessary.

Edit: I did another complete UI reset and the simple stuff works again - without "f" and any of the complicated things I tried out of desperation. Now onto the hunt what was interfering ...

Only remaining problem is that the hidden VehicleSeatIndicator is still somehow in the way. Whenever a passenger mount is used the resized ObjectiveTrackerFrame moves left ... Any tips on that?

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