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Originally Posted by Xruptor View Post

Have fun! Their new map system is god awful. I've been going over it and it's one convoluted mess.
Thanks! This is pretty interesting, it looks as if they've finally separated the different icons so I can pick and choose what to hide! It used to be just a catch-all. They've also incorporated Bonus Objectives and Dungeon Journal Boss Icons into the system so I don't need extra code to hide those as well.

I can pick out most of them, but I don't know what all of the providers are referring to. I guess it would take some experimenting. (Unless I'm misunderstanding it and they're all hiding under AreaPOIDataProvider)

Some of them seem to have an OnShow and OnHide function, and sometimes there's a Mixin section and a Pin section, though I can't say I know what either of them do.

I think this is still quite a bit over my head. I can somewhat identify certain icons (or their respective data provider) that I wish to hide, but I wouldn't even know where to begin with the coding. If any of you addon coders or enthusiasts out there want to take a crack at it, I'd be much appreciative.
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