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On a larger scale then the addon I mentioned, I can see that being the case. But it just doesn't do well whenever there is an addon author like the one I mentioned in the starter post who codes their own stuff instead of relying on other addons, and doesn't include WTF folders for installing since he or she has it so you can just drag and drop it within your /addons/ folder. However, due to the sheer number of addons and SyncUI just being a gem among them all (due to the aformentioned), I do realize one doesn't weigh over the many. But shouldn't there be a way for addon developers to submit their addons for mmoui use and the devs allow a strict script to be ran which checks for things like WTF folders and the like? I think a cron job set to fire on submission that is ran on a file should be able to be built. It could do something like this:

1. Read check list from site itself when a user opens the program by checking it against a github like repository
2. If result is true and stuff does exist then reject the display of it on mmoui by entering a 1 within the database field of the site but if it's false then then that data has passed the check and labeled 0 this can then be output to a whitelist on what page ID has been approved via a cron and update its github like repository with the whitelist of page ID's that have been approved to be shown on mmoui client.

As for the whitelist itself, this list could be set to update the main whitelist on a "github" like repository once or twice a week so it isn't as bandwidth intensive and slowing things down due to the abundance of users updating their addon whitelist which allows mmoui to show the whitelisted addons on its program when searching.

But yeah... if what you said is true then I can see why people use "others" instead of mmoui because they don't judge against it. However, I bet if there were an approved whitelist for programs which passes an aggressive script analysis on how the folder structure should look like (things it shouldn't have in it like WTF directory) then I could see it as plausible for things like that to occur -- that those that didn't pass would not be included in mmoui search field(s).

It all originally is supposed to boil down to helping the end-user to not only better maintain their addons and updates but also to bring in people to use wowinterface products (site+client) and unfortunately being bias in that regard without a way to allow those that aren't utilizing folder structures like the WTF folder within their addons is just plain wrong because otherwise what is the actual point of building a program if it doesn't allow those that doesn't go against those rules, even though it's being categorized in the appropriate current list of categories in-which its supposed to go in due to what the addon does. I personally can only see three options....four if you want the one that the developers of mmoui doesn't want to hear...so I wont list the fourth one.

1. Use an aggresive script checking like I said above when user is uploading their addon for patterns/folder structures.
2. Add a new category which is specific to Original UI's and doesn't house compilations of other addons -compatability being added should the downloader wish to use something like bagnon instead of the UI author's...This should have a rule of thumb that you don't override the WTF folder in anyway thus why it's called "Original UI".
3. Allow all addons to be shown and warn the user before downloading addons that alters files in the WTF directory through a popup "This addon developer alters the WTF Directory with their own setting files, are you sure you wish to install this addon? Approve or Cancel" then have a Show Files button that you can click and it shows what files it adds to what directories within a text field box which only allows paging up/down.

Of course if people didn't care then they could always include a "don't show warnings" tick option within their options panel of mmoui.

I still think it should be included though...
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