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And running again; new observations:

It would be nice for the in-app update to have some kind of progress bar. When I click "update now" it just closes itself and there's no visual indication that it's actually downloading or installing the update; I just have to take it on faith and wait a minute for it to re-open, apparently having succeeded in the update.

It would also be nice to be able to cancel the "Detecting **** AddOns" scan on startup, though admittedly probably not in many cases. In my case, I just don't want to spend 10 minutes scanning backup files on some remote networked drive that probably hasn't been defragged in a decade, since as soon as it's done doing that I'm going to tell it to never look at that install again (and maybe even just delete the installation, since I have no idea why there is a copy of WoW in a backup directory... I guess someone just used manual copy and paste when backing up).

When deleting an addon (right-click, Remove Game From Minion) the My Games list briefly shows all installs the client has ever found, including ones I already deleted, for about 1 second before updating to hide the deleted ones.

This also happens when uninstalling an addon (right-click, Uninstall) except that in this scenario the list does not update again to hide the deleted games, and continues to show them until I mouse over them; deleted games are hidden when moused over.

Edit: Also happens when updating an addon by clicking the "Update" button. Probably happens when using Update All too but I can't test that because 99.99999% of the suggested updates are either obviously wrong or would overwrite a Git repo or SVN working copy.

Edit #2: While I was formatting the lists I noticed the Minion window refreshed (presumably after checking for new updates) and showed all the deleted games again until I moused over them.

Current list of addons not detected:

Stand-Alone AddOnsUtilities
No reason to hide these.Outdated Mods
It's probably correct to hide these addons when installing new addons through Minion, but probably not correct to hide them in the list of addons the user already has installed. The Curse Client does this -- old addons are listed if installed, but hidden in the "get more addons" list.
Addon version detection problems:

Wrong installed version detected:
I'm not sure what these detections are based on since I've never installed or updated most (if any) of these addons through Minion, but it's definitely using versions detected from some old scan.
  • _Cursor — detected — have
  • _NPCScan.Overlay — detected (tooltip text literally too small to read) — have
  • Ackis Recipe List — detected 3.0.5 — have 3.0.13
  • Archy — detected 1.8.44 — have 1.8.57-217-g70ab398
  • Badapples — detected 5.4.8.wowi:revision — have @[email protected] (Git repo, but that's what's listed in the TOC Version field)
  • AuctionLite — detected 1.8.12 — have r263
  • Bagnon — detected 6.0.5 — have 6.0.16
  • Bartender4 — detected — have 4.6.6-2-g4905fdf
  • Battle Pet Binds — detected v2.3.0 — have v2.4.0
  • Bazooka — detected v2.4.0 — have r268
  • BonusRollPreview — detected 50400.16-Release — have 60000.23-Release
  • Broker_Equipment — detected 50400.22-Release — have 60000.26-Release
  • BuyEmAll — detected 3.1.8 — have 3.2.3
  • Clique — detected v50400-1.0.0 — have v60000-1.0.0
  • GatherMate2 — detected 1.27 — have 1.33.4
  • Grail — detected 065PR12 — have 068PR2
  • HelmSaver — detected 1.1 — have 1.2
  • KuiNameplates — detected 240 — have 247
  • Learning Aid Beta — detected 1.12.0 Alpha 3 — have 1.12b1 (listed as 1.12.0 Beta 1 on the download page, author using inconsistent formats)
  • Mapster — detected — have 1.6.2
  • Masque: Cainyx — detected 4.3 — have 6.0.0 (listed as 6.0b on the download page, author forgot to update the TOC, but the detected version in Minion was still wrong)
  • MINE-O-MATIC — detected — have
  • Molinari — detected 50400.27-Release — have 60000.35-Release
  • Numeration Damage Meter — detected 2.5 — have 2.6.5
  • OmniCC — detected 5.4.3 — have 6.0.10
  • oUF — detected 1.6.6 — have 1.6.8
  • Postal — detected 3.5.1 — have 3.5.3
  • SilverDragon — detected 3.0.1 — have 3.1.5
  • Sorted Currency Tab — detected 2.0 — have 2.0
  • TomTom — detected v50400-1.0.0 — have v60000-1.1.1
  • VendorBait — detected — have
  • Wholly — detected 045PR7 — have 050PR2
  • xMerchant — detected 140617a — have 141024

Bad update suggestions:
All of the above are also giving either bad suggestions, or at least telling me to update to the version I already have, but at least they look correct based on the version Minion wrongly thinks I have installed. These ones are obviously bad:
  • Action Bar Profiles 0.6 -> 0.5.3
  • Masque 6.0.1 -> v6.0.0

More bad update suggestions, but these aren't logically obvious and probably can't be handled by Minion unless the author is diligent about uploading each and every version (including alphas) to both Curse and WoWInterface:
  • OPie Plum 1 -> Lime 6 (okay, this one isn't obvious, and this is a terrible versioning scheme )
  • Skada r607 -> 1.4-28
  • Touhin r54 -> 1.1

Not bothering to list all my Git repos and SVN working copies since that's not information you don't already have, but of the 83 suggested updates, only 1 was actually an update.

Attached is the log file for the second run where all these detection problems were observed.
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