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Ah ha!

You *CANNOT* use two mods that pull build at the same time. Can't be done. That's why you're getting bad data.

It has to do with how Bliz built the inspection engine... I have to request an inspection and wait for Bliz to notify me it is ready before I can read it. However, if you have another mod that is also asking for inspections, then whichever one asked last is the only one that knows which build is being read.

For example... a new players joins your raid, so nUI ask WoW to inspect the player's talent tree and starts waiting for WoW to say the data is ready to read. While we're waiting, you change targets or another player joins the raid. nUI sees that and adds it to the queue of builds it needs to inspect, but it doesn't ask for the build yet because it is still waiting for the response to the first request.

Meanwhile, your other mod has no idea what nUI is doing. So, when you changed targets, or the second player joined the raid, it did its own thing and asked for that player's build. But nUI has *no* way of knowing that happened. Because the other mod made a new request, Bliz throws away the one that nUI asked for and goes off to get the one the other mod asked for... when when that's ready it sends out the event.

nUI sees the event and says "oh... my read is ready" and reads the player's build. Only the build it is reading is the one that the other mod asked for, not the one it asked for and wham... the data is all messed up.

No no no... you CANNOT have two mods doing build inspections at the same time.

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