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Originally Posted by Kkthnx View Post
I am not sure if this has been discussed before though I read through the 2 pages here and didn't see anything about it. Is it at all possible to set this so when we run something like this it will quit highlighting/reporting a global?

For example

Lua Code:
  1. if (not KkthnxUIConfig) then
  2.     print(L["KkthnxUI config not found!"])
  3.     return
  4. end

Obviously, it is going to call KkthnxUIConfig and print

Now want I am wanting to happen is if I were to call this up at the top of my file like so it will quit highlighting/reporting them so in theory s I know I have covered them.

Lua Code:
  1. local print = print

of even in that case as I handle it

Lua Code:
  1. local _G = _G
  3. local print = _G.print

-- Global variables that we don't need to cache, list them here
-- GLOBALS: KkthnxUIConfig
Once we declare them here it will stop reporting them to us. If my post makes no sense I apologize as it is 4:26 am as of writing this.
It should work the way that you described, if you upvalue something than it should no longer report it as a global, that's the whole point of the global finder. Did you set up your SublimeLinter properly?

I think you might have the default luacheker set as a linter for SublimeLinter instead of my special globalfinder linter script:

Go to Tools -> SublimeLinter -> Toggle Linter then enable globalfinder and disable luacheck.

I might forgot to include this step from the how to set up the linter. :P

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