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Originally Posted by jeffy162 View Post
I have not played in almost two years now, but, this sounds to me like you should take a look at Carbonite (the addon). It replaces the Blizzard maps (all, iIrc, but the "battlefield" map) with the option to integrate the minimap (Blizzards) with their minimap (a smaller version of their "world map") so that you can have the gold dot for active nodes. It is much more than that, though, as Carbonite has a few modules (which you can choose to install, or not) and was originally written as a quest aid. However, the main addon is the maps alone, I believe.

I know this is "long winded", but, it's my personal opinion and always considered Carbonite as my one "go-to" addon.

That would A) defeat the purpose of avoiding bloat by performing minimal modifications to already loaded blizzard interface elements.
B) prevent learning anything.

Sure, when I was much less versed and younger just looking for a way to do things, I would just install an addon
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