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There's a reason lists are sorted alphabetically -- it's so people can quickly and easily find things in the list, without having to read every item individually. If I want to disable an addon called "SyLevel", I expect to find it near the end of the "S" section of the addon list -- not at the very top before the "A" section because you put a random symbol in front of its name, or at the very end after the "Z" section because you wrapped the whole name in a color code. Maybe you expect your "own personal addons" to be at the top of your list, but the people who download your addon and use it alongside addons written by dozens of other people who are just as (un)important as you expect it to be alphabetzied like all those other addons.

Plus, if every addon author decides they need to fluff their e-peen by prefixing their TOC titles with random symbols to force their addons to the top of the list, then there is no order at all -- nothing is at the top, and nobody wins. You're not more important than other addon authors, and you're not more important than your users. If you want your addons to be at the top of the list, give them names that start with the letter "A".
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