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Well, Thank you for the great particularised advice but it seems as i wrote a bit cloudy^^
i was looking for an opportunity to activate both arrows.
Please don't misunderstand me, i loved the features from carbonite and for a normal layout it's enough to use carbonite instead of 5 or 6 other addons.
But i am actually trying to do many things in the same time. With my main i have to do daylies, instances and trying to farm in the same time. That's why i want to use the carbonite arrow for farming while tomtom shows me near quests i'm able to do.
(btw. i know how to install and configure carbonite so far and know what the tomtom emulation want to do. That's why i've deactivated it.^^ The Part with the farming spots was one of many reasons i've installed carbonite. But i can't deactivate Gatherer so far. I need pandaria ores and herbs^^)
Actually i'm using TomTom to get my marks from pandaria spots back.
The other thing is, after i'm joining an instance i don't know to "hide" the Carbonite Arrow or stop him pointing to his direction out in neverwhere.
An Other Thing is, Carbonite can't find a few daylies in pandaria for me, like Trial At The Temple of the White Tiger. [Edit] Fix'd. After a Relog it appeared.

Well, the part with the minimap is my own lazyness. i like to see if a quest is just a radius based quest, or a quest with a fixed point to get. If you know what i mean.

Nevermind, i'll post a Screen.

In my last try, i've merged the minimaps and this Area was hidden. That's no Problem in Quest i've already done (a few times...) but in "new" quests or Quests with a Twink, thats not so great...

I've merged the minimaps now. After i've seen the old content quests are working correctly i hope the development and implementation of pandaria content will be in the next update. May prevent thinks like this xD

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