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The ring theory part two

Based on this:

Today after finishing my config I had some time to think about stuff. What really got me is that no-one has ever used scrollFrames to do stuff. I set up an experiment that I may try to prove if I have time.

I made the following graphics:

Basic ring setup:

We put a scrollFrame with an inline texture into ring segment 1:

This will happen if we change the setpoint of the scrollFrame and the setpoint of the texture inside the scrollFrame:

This is what is going to happen if we only adjust the size of the scrollframe:

What about rotation? Let's see. Hmm the offset does not fit.

So this is what happens if we correct the offset.

What we are doing in the last screenshot. We rotate the scrollFrame right while adjusting the setpoint properly. Additionally we rotate the ringTexture inside the scrollFrame in opposite direction.


Ahhh...got an even better idea. Why would you rotate the scrollFrame at all? We can just leave as it is and just rotate the texture inside.

This is what will happen:

The pink thingy is the alpha layer of the ring texture.

Now if we rotate the texture inside the scrollFrame it will adjust on it's own.

This should make it very simple to create any kind of rings. Just set up 4 scrollFrames and throw in any ring texture you want. The number of rings per scrollFrames is unlimited. Each ring texture can be rotated individually.

Only one limitation. Start and end point of a ring segment can only be in one segment if at least one point is at 0 or 90.

It even should be possible to do full half-rings with only 2 scrollFrames. Your ring texture would span 180 then.
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