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Originally Posted by Simulo View Post
Dugi, I wouldn't make a 'Google Maps', just use the 'Blizzard Map' like is shown in the screen shot showing the tracking ("Map Preview by pressing The Quest Button [...]"). This is simply because Blizzard adds to much to the world map. And to try and port those features over (like Archaeology!), took Carbonite forever.

I dunno what addon I use but I'm able to 'minimize' the fullscreen World Map and move it around...maybe Blizzard added that...or it could be Titan. The only issue is I can't zoom up on it so all the Gatherer Nodes, Dig Sites, and DMF Site are way to hard to see.

AND PLEASE, for the love of god keep it simple. If people want a 'warehouse' they can go get Bagnon or some other Bag Addon (most store alt bags). I want something that you do not dread needing to update.
The Map Preview feature in it was kind of our attempt to replace the carbonite map, because the main thing I like about Carbonite map is clicking the quest tracker and the minimap will zoom in/out to display the location of the quest.

Our map preview does similar thing except its not capable of doing the zoom in/out effect. Obviously this isn't enough and Carbonite map is more than that.

For people that don't know you can minimize the Blizzard World Map by clicking the downleft arrow button on the top right of your World Map and that should minimize it. Then you can unlock it by right clicking the top bar to move it around anywhere on your screen. The Map Preview feature will only work with the World Map minimized.