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Originally Posted by DugiGuides View Post
well those are valuable feedbacks, perhaps sometime after MoP is released we'll try to add this feature.

The map and the quest tracker need to be able to work together and carbonite does this by using their own quest tracker and data. Otherwise all you have is the google map without any quest tracking information.

Creating the quest tracker data is I think the bulk of the work.. but if its possible data mine those information straight from the files then it would be much easier.

Ideally we would still use the Blizzard quest tracker itself.. as there's no sense in reinventing the wheel.
Negative ghost rider, proximity based quests, and having more then 10 quests on the screen are almost a given now-a-days. Reinvent the display of the quests. Forget blizzards ripoff.

Dig really hard into the questing portion of carbonite and you find more then simply a display of quests. 25 quests ( this should not be the limit either in default or otherwise i simply think its lazy coding imo, or shortsightedness ). Point is if I want to list my full quest log along with my entire list of achievement tracking I should be able to.

Blizzards quest tracker is a joke, write something better, re-invent the wheel, never stop doing better then what's in front of you. Just because it's been "the same way for 40 years son" doesn't it make it right, better, or faster.
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