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Originally Posted by LadyVictoria View Post
New user, happily contributing!
Originally Posted by LadyVictoria View Post

Question: Do you prefer frequent, small-iteration uploads, or wait-and-upload-a-bunch-of-data-at-once uploads? Is that answer different at the beginning of an expansion, with all its new data?
Thank you for the upload. Your contribution has been added.

That's a good question and I'll try to answer without taking too many wild tangents.
I prefer updates based on the current version:
This makes it easier to get the new/updated flight time data without accidentally re-introducing old data. I'm slowly improving this though
I prefer updates to non-BfA content:
All of the new flight points introduced with BfA don't have any flight times, so there's going to be a lot of new times the first time you play through the content. I'm also playing through the same content at the moment and getting most of the same information, so it's quite possible that I already have about 95% or more of these flight times.
In other words, have fun levelling through BfA and when you think you've flown on all the new flight paths, then upload your data. If you've been levelling a new toon, or doing low level quests on a higher level toon, and have seen some updates or new flight times, then upload you data. If you play Horde, then upload your data (I really need to finish levelling a Horde toon ). If you've seen some new/updated times since the last time you uploaded, then upload your data

Although this isn't a 'upload once every month/week/hour' answer, it's the best I can do. It really does depend on how many new or updated flight times that you come across while playing. Please try not to do the 'once per hour' updates though, or I'll start to fear for your sanity and mine
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