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Originally Posted by Dridzt View Post
The second part would actually be rather annoying to both tanks and dps.
Quite to the contrary. A group of friends and I did a number of 5-mans last night and we actually found it helpful.

Well, not the particular version I have here, but the complete version I now have uploaded to WoWInterface.

Everyone has their own strategies.

Originally Posted by Dridzt View Post
If the tank is doing 5man/trash target switching is rather frequent so the raid mark will jump around alot and the spam will drive everyone crazy.
Except that didn't happen. It was actually easy to keep track of what the tank was attacking and when. This is basically a 'what is the tank going after' mod, and to that end it actually was quite functional.

I know some people are set in particularly archaic ways and not willing to try new things, but the group I tried it with the other night found it extremely valuable. There was one mage who actually spoke up about it as it made it easier for him to strategise based on being able to quickly see the tank's current target. (For crowd control purposes.)

This actually lead to that mage becoming a little more confident in his crowd control. And the latest OnMyMark actually has anti-crowd control breaking stuffs, too.

Originally Posted by Dridzt View Post
Tanks if they bother to mark, mark what needs to die first and then proceed to do whatever it takes to gain the attention of all uncontrolled mobs (this often requires target switching for interrupts/stuns/spreading hate around etc).
Again, archaic thinking. This is something that plagues most players of traditional MMORPGs - you're stuck in the mindset of 'just because something has always been this way, it must therefore continue to be this way, even if it isn't very efficient.'

Marking is a helpful tool. As a handicapped person myself, being able to quickly spot the target of the tank made the gameplay easier, and I'm incredibly dubious as to your motives here as you're slamming the idea without even having seen it in practise.

You may not understand fully how it works. But for the group I was with, it did indeed work. Again, I think this just comes down to archaic thinking.

Originally Posted by Dridzt View Post
Well behaved dps either "nuke the skull" (if a mark is up) or assist the tank (if no mark is up).
And that's precisely what this mod aids people in doing. As was mentioned.

However, as a handicapped person it's not always easy to follow what the tank is doing. And from what I've gathered it's not always easy for everyone to follow what the tank is doing. Not everyone is a pro, and archaic mindsets tend to lead to elitism.

By keeping track of the tanks target on a consistent (rather than semi-consistent) basis, everyone has a better understanding of what's going on in the field.

I wouldn't be so critical of you, here, but I feel that you're using archaic and somewhat elitist thinking in order to belittle an idea that you haven't seen in practise, an idea that--again, in practise--has improved the overall efficiency of the groups I've been in.

Again, just because something has been X or Y way, it doesn't mean that it can't be done another way.

Really, anyone with any amount of knowledge should know that no amount of theorycrafting in the world makes a bit of difference without seeing how the variables play out in practise. And sticking to outmoded methods of play just because things have always been that way isn't really all that fun of a mindset for a gamer. It's a very Amish mindset.

If the tank needs to place other markers, too, there are ways to temporarily and quickly suspend the behaviour of the mod so that they can setup other raid markers if they need to.

Originally Posted by Dridzt View Post
In raids trash are handled pretty much the same way so the above applies and bossfights have specific assignments so auto-marking the tank's target is not really helpful.
I don't do raiding. It's too elitist and stuffy for me, I prefer 5-/10-man stuff, so I can't really comment on this.

Originally Posted by Dridzt View Post
Finally, everyone can mark in parties nowadays there's no requirement to be party leader.
This is misunderstanding the workings and the entire point of the mod. But I'm ot going to go over this with you because you're just way, way too set in your ways for us to ever see eye-to-eye on this.

Plus, you have a 'MY WAY OR NO WAY, OKAY?!' attitude that I really don't want to deal with. So I'll just leave it at that.

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