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Originally Posted by MunkDev View Post
I don't think they function like you think I think they function. lol. I know how they work. The reason I even included that function call is because I didn't want posts from people who search the API listing and post the first function they find that seems to do the trick.

I was asking if there's actually any reliable way to determine whether an item is usable. It seems there isn't. Scanning the tooltip would only apply for the USE_COLON, but not for items that lack any tooltip use indication, which happens sometimes.
Are there many items that are usable but don't have a Use: in their tooltip? I was surprised that the SELFIE cameras seemingly don't, but they may be the only exception that I remember seeing. There are also items with "This Item Begins a Quest" which might be considered "usable" depending on what you want the addon to do.

But you're right as far as I know: there is no reliable way in the API to know whether using an item (i.e. by UseItemByName, UseInventoryItem, etc.) will actually do something or not. With tooltip scanning you're only really guessing (though pretty accurately, I would say).
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