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OH wait no, I'm dumb.

See, nameplates get reused, once you draw %HP onto a plate from an enemy it will continue showing once the plate gets reused for another unit, friendly or not.

When unit is friend you want to specifically :Hide() frame.healthBar.percent

Unless this has changed lately, but last I was messing with this stuff, this has been the case.

The thing is, though, doing it via this method taints the friendly nameplates regardless, hiding the text doesn't untaint them (you can't untaint something once it's tainted.)
I wouldn't know of a way to do it without tainting friendly nameplates and tbh I never cared. Default plates are useless within PvE instances so there is very little reason to even have them enabled.

btw you still haven't shown us what the error you were getting from the first code actually was. If it's really just a friendly-nameplates-in-instances thing maybe you can just keep using that code but with extra checks like semlar said. That may be the better way to do it. Or maybe it's not even related to friendly nameplates, because we don't know.

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