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Nameplate taint doesn't really affect anything beyond throwing errors if a nameplate used by a friendly unit has been tainted, even if you aren't currently touching them. Anything you touch becomes tainted, but this is only a problem if said code is expected to run through secure Blizzard functions. Code tainted = the code can no longer be verified as secure = errors if secure code ever processes it.

Maybe I messed up when trying to avoid protected nameplates taint, though; if semlar says they're completely separate maybe I should mess with it again some more.

Edit: Sounds like my implementation of the check was bogus. I had no idea frame:IsForbidden() was a thing, so I was using a bunch of different conditionals together that were meant to prevent modifications from being done to friendly nameplates while you were in an instance, but I guess that wasn't really failproof and some of it got through anyway.

Using frame:IsForbidden() and not even changing any of the rest of my code appears to prevent taint errors when within instances and friendly nameplates are enabled. Or at least, disabling the checks triggers an error whenever a friendly nameplate comes on screen, and when I re-enable them those errors no longer occur.

Well that's pretty cool, that was barely any work, and basically, ignore most of the other things I said earlier about nameplate taint, because it's wrong.

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