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Originally Posted by zork View Post
Nonsense. Zip a tga and you will be amazed. They may be big unpacked but who cares.

Photoshop Alpha Layer and WoW is easy. Just make sure to only use just one alpha layer. More are not supported in WoW.
Originally Posted by Torhal View Post
Seconded - WoW will definitely use TGA-format images.
Yes, but I was working with the idea that using BLP's would decrease the addon memory footprint of my plug-ins. Remember, not everyone has more memory available then they will ever need.

Granted, I really have no clue how that all works, but originally my Masque_ClassButtons Masque plug-in (unzipped, on your hard drive) file size was 608 kb with the font options still in the .lua file, and .tga graphics. 580 kb of that is just the graphics. I removed the font options and converted the graphics to BLP's (and added the Monk class graphics and code to the .lua file {not much, I admit, but, still....}) and that dropped the file size to 240 kb, 220 kb of which is the graphics.

That was nice, but, perhaps a better example would be one of my other plug-ins for Minimap Button Frame: MinimapButtonFrame_sClassButtons. For this, I didn't have to remove anything form the .lua file, I only had to add the Monk graphics and the monk class to the .lua file. Originally, 420 kb (400 kb for graphics), changed to 192 kb (172 kb for graphics). All I did was add what I had to to the .lua file and the textures folder, but I converted those textures, all of them, to BLP format.

While I realize that my plug-in's are not huge, by any use of the word, I also felt that every little bit helps. That's why I did what I did. Just trying to do my bit to help everyone out.
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