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You either need a parent (highly recommended) or a valid attribute for your anchor's "relativeTo" attribute.

If your frame is logically attached to another frame (eg. you're adding another statusbar to the player frame) use that frame as its parent. If your frame is standalone, parent it to the UIParent. Without a parent (or some chain of parentage that leads to the UIParent) your frame will not respect UI scaling changes and won't be hidden when the user presses Alt-Z to hide the UI (eg. when taking a screenshot).

Also, the "$parent" token in a frame name should never be used if your frame doesn't have a parent, and should generally not be used if your frame's parent is part of the default UI or some other addon, since it may override something else that already exists, or result in other unexpected behavior. Make sure your frame's name is unique (so it won't conflict with other frames) and clearly identifies your addon (so users can figure out what addon that statusbar they want to move belongs to by using the "/framestack" command or other tools).
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