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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
I'll add more of the /way support later, I used it myself on lorewalkers and was wishing I had added /way next or something like that since it's very picky at picking up you arrived at your target sometimes.
The "Skip Current Target" option in the Carbonite section of the keybindings that will skip to the next goto target.

I have noticed Carbonite gets very finicky with picking up waypoints after entering a dungeons and coming back out. Almost impossible to get it to pick them up.

I also used Carbonite for Lorewalkers and wish I could have manually skipped to the next target since some of them are in caves, or might have to search for them for a sec, etc. and having the goto target there would have been nice. I was looking for a "mark goto target reached range" or an" automatically mark goto targets reached" setting for that case. Although I imagine that setting would have extremely limited use.