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Attempting to track emotes performed on targets.


I had a guildy ask for (probably joking) for an addon to track how many times he performed a certain standard emote (ex /bonk or /silly) on different people. So I was bored and tried to see if I could figure this out and I hit a wall.

When you perform a standard emote, it fires the event CHAT_MSG_TEXT_EMOTE. The problem with that event, is that it lacks the actual information that I would want to capture for tracking. The event output args don't actually tell you which emote fired (it does capture the emote string that is output to chat) or who you emoted at.

My thoughts on capturing this data after discovering that the event is almost useless, would be the following:
  1. Watch for the event to fire
  2. Store the current target name in a variable
  3. Perform pattern matching on the text output to determine the emote
  4. And if the emote is one we are tracking, add the occurrence to the table counting that emote for the target.

This sounds like it could work, but I would have to build a table of the emotes that I want to track and their output text first which could get pretty big if I wanted to make the addon customizable.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to accomplish this an easier , or at the very least less convoluted way?
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