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So basically you want the option to only show quest that are for the zone or instance you are in and hide the others. Also to hide group/party quest unless you are in one.

Originally Posted by Palladia View Post
Okay, I know you already have a lot you're working on, but I keep thinking about the Quest Watch list and how I'd like to see it work and I finally just had to post about it.
  1. By default, dungeon quests should not appear in the watch list when not in the dungeon.
  2. When in a dungeon, the only quests that should appear in the watch list should be quests fulfilled in that dungeon.
  3. The threshold for number of suggested people in a party quest should be adjustable, and there should be an option to turn off all party quests, even if they only call for 2-3 people.
  4. There should be an option to not show quests from other continents, and an option to not show quests from other zones.
To me, these behaviors seem like how I would expect a quest watch list to behave, so I feel that they are reasonable requests. But of course I'm biased.
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